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Art in Numbers

As though they were pixels, thousands of carefully handcrafted objects are used to build intricate three-dimensional mosaics.

When viewed from a distance, the illusion of an image appears, revealing ever more unexpected details as the beholder is drawn closer.

Like the idiomatic phrase 'Strength in Numbers' expresses that there is more strength in groups than individuals, so too Kris finds art in the usage of numerous objects.

He finds 'Art in Numbers'. 

Suske en Wiske 1.jpg

Suske en Wiske

Abstract 4.jpg


Beholder 1.jpg
Omorfo Mati 1.jpg

Omorfo Mati 


Project 4753 1.jpg

Project 4753


Paper Money 1.jpg

Paper Money

L & H

TRIO LH klein.jpg
Not A Single White Page - Framed 2.jpg

Not A Single White Page

Project 1681 base.jpg

Project 1681

Project 8000 final 1 kader aangepast.jpg

Project 8000

40 White Pages 001.jpg

40 White Pages

POV 1.png

Point of View

Persistence of Vision aka EVI

Persistence of Vision aka EVI



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